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12S/4 100 Polyester Sewing Thread

Use polyester bag closing thread to sew shut the ends of paper, polypropylene, cotton, and jute bags. It is also great for any sewing project that requires strong, inexpensive, knot free spun polyester thread.

Our Spun Polyester Thread is suitable to use in most general products packing as it is high in Tensile Strength Heat & Abrasion and also budgetable to use. Thread in different colour is also useful as identification of the products packed.

Item:  100% Polyester 12S/4 Sewing Thread

Material:  100% Spun Polyester Bag Closing Sewing Thread
Colour:  White, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Mixed Colour
               (Other colour upon request)

Package:  1,000m, 1,200m, 150g, 200g, 250g (For Portable Machine)
                   1.0Kg, 2.0Kg, 3.0Kg, 4.0Kg, 5.0Kg, 7.0Kg, 10.0Kg (For Stationery Machine)


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